Phynix Lynn Caskey (phynixcaskey) wrote in pixelpony,
Phynix Lynn Caskey

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Christmas Is comeing

AND I AM CHEAP!!! no seriously! I want to give you all something in return for being such wonderful people so here is the deal. I send cards out to my friends every year just to make there seasion a bit more bright. So I am willing to send cards to all of you. All you have to do is email me your addy ect...

So email me your snail mail addy to phynix @ (remove spaces) and I will send you a card. (fyi I doodle)

So yeah send this to me no LATER then the 1st od dec. This way I can get to you.

Vappy a note for you while I am here: I have your addy if you want a card just say so. As well your pony is on it's way.
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