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Welcome to the official livejournal community of the not-so-world renowned Online Pixel Pony game called Interactive Pixels! Pixel Ponies are small little pony graphics created on MS Paint and shaded on Corel Draw Select Edition Photo-Paint by Wolfgang Tlouey with the assistance of a helpful pixel artist crew. This game functions much like that of a Sim-Horse Game, except you have more freedom and hopefully more fun because it is not some sort of faceless technologically advanced program. It is hosted on the Crystal Palace community: www.straitjacketeers.com by the generous Starluck & Verteiron.

Joining the Community
Anyone can join!! But this community is made mainly for members of the Interactive Pixels game to goof around in and talk about their pixel pony related things! Like posting their latest foals to show off, talking about things happening at their stables, keep us updated on their pixel pony plans, post pixel pony surveys, quizzes and other silly things... Etc. If you are not a member of Interactive Pixels but would like to join, please do check out the website for more information on joining! Thanks!

Community Rules
- Please Stay On Topic
- Please DON'T use this Community to Advertise your Communities & other things
- Please be kind to each other!
- This is not a forum; please don't treat it like one
- Please keep our community neat and tidy; Use LJ-cuts where you can

Pixel Ponies are the original © creation of Wolfgang Tlouey 2001-2004
the altering or reproduction of these images is a violation of copyright