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Pony o' Hades

LJ cut to hide story... I couldn't think of anything else. X3

Coat glistening a sharp crimson, His very presence instilling fear amongst the young, Natasha boldly roared orders throughout the stables. Melchom, Natasha's only son, scrambled to his sire's side.

"W-what is it, father?" Melchom stammered, trying to regain his composure.

Natasha remained silent a moment, then stepped to the open door, gazing out across the stormy pasture. "Something, Mel," he spoke, his voice deep and powerful, "is not right.. and I do not like this feeling."

Mel followed his sire's gaze, his form much smaller and light compared to his father's. Normally, Natasha adored this weather, and spent his time smashing holes in the stable walls or knocking down a support pillar or two to create cracks in the structure... but he just didn't seem to be in the mood today - something definitely wasn't entirely right.

Suddenly, as if to answer that thought, the ground shook with incredible force. Natasha held his ground, as Mel fell to his knees. After it subsided, ponies from all around gathered to see what happened - no earthquakes occurred around here, before. "Whatever could have happened?" Bishounen whispered from somewhere behind the 666th pony.

Natasha got a fierce look in his eyes, the amber glow reflected in the lighting that shot across the weeping skies. Determined, He stepped out into the storm and stood in the center of the field, followed by Bishounen and Melchom, who stopped a fair distance from the other stallion. Bishounen shook off the rain, forgetting what a distaste it would be to his beautiful mane. Melchom just fought to keep his legs from shaking. The remaining ponies of the stables crowded around the doors - obviously interested, but not daring to go outside.

The gray skies grumbled their discontent, and a large bolts of blinding light shot the ground before Natasha's form. As the ponies slowly regained their sight, Nat remained where he was, unflinching. In the place where the bolt struck stood a pony, matching Nat's height, with an equally wild look in his young eyes. He blinked a few times, staring forward with an odd expression upon his face.

Natasha stepped forward and demanded, "Who are YOU!?" in the most accusing manner that made a few young fillies inside turn away in fear. Dodging and slipping passed the red stallion casually, the new arrival trotted towards the purple-maned pony that caught his attention. "And what might your name be?" he asked in an otherworldly (underworldly?) accent, the older of the two other ponies in the field.

Swiftly, this foreign pony dodged to the side as Natasha came bolting back - startling both Mel and Bishounen, who swiftly returned back towards the stables. (To comfort the young filly's and mares, of course.) "Tell me!" Natasha growled, the soaked grass at his feet steaming and smoldering, threatening to catch fire at his touch.

"Why darling," the younger pony chuckled, "I am Master of the underworld. I am THE Horse of Hades... and I am here to take what is rightfully mine.." He grinned, tilting his head in a gesture towards the stables, then to his surroundings. As Natasha once again charged him, the Pony of Hades bound off in a gallop, disappearing into the fog. His laughter echoed around them, and everyone there knew this mysterious creature would definitely be back...

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