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Pony of Hades

**Sigh** Emera's is sooo much better than mine. **sigh** Oh well. ^_^ Here is my silly story. It was fun. Hee hee.

Hades paced the boiling, cracked earth under his feet. Hell just wasn't fun anymore. Too many people passed the river everyday. The ferryman was fat and rich and Hell was full of the same old boring things. He needed something to spice up the mundane murderers, theives, and vagabonds. But what?

Flames licked his heels as he wandered the dusky Underworld. Everything had alrady been done. Even three headed dogs were things of the past. He needed something original and he needed something evil.

At that moment, a lonely minion slithered across the ground and planted it's face in the dirt at Hades feet. 'Master, a new arrival has entered your domain. I thought you would like to greet him.' Hades pondered the poor weasel's request. It might cheer him up a little to scare the 'hell' out of this being.

"Arise you fool, I will meet them." Hades glided across the brazen ground and towered over the new comer. A lowely man looked up at him. The man twisted a twead cap in his hands and sweat poured down the front of his coveralls. Hades glared at the sap, but the sap did not cower. He stared back!

"So, you think you do not need to fear me, is that it pathetic mortal? So be it. Then I will STRIKE the fear into you!" Hades sent every fear the man had at him. Nothing seemed to phase this humble being. Finally Hades could take it no more. His anger got the better of him.

"Very well. I was bored, so I guess I got what I wanted. I pose you a challange of sorts. I will send you back to earth if you can do but one thing. I will create a creature so vile, so ill-tempered that even I would quake with fear. You must tame this beast." With that, Hades created a creature with spider-webbed wings. It had a rat-like tail and sharp talons protruding from it's hind legs. It resembled a horse, but this was no creature that frolicked the grasses of the earth.

The man only smiled a shy smile and walked toward the monstrous creature. It whinnied and stomped like nothing had ever done before. Spurts of flame flew from it's nostrils. Foam fleckes escaped the edges of it's mouth. The man walked on till he was inches from the horse. He slowly put his hand forward and allowed the creature to sniff at it. Hades watched on with spite and hatred. Then something strange happened. The creature began to snort and preen. It strutted and bucked, giving this odd little man quite the show. Then it even dared to walk up to the man and begin to nuzzle him.

Hades fumed. He stomped his feet. "How can this BE?" Hades was infuriated. "How can a man of your status, your lowly rank, have such an affect on my magnificent creature?"

The man smiled and spoke, "I'll make a deal with you. I won, so I can go back to Earth. BUT, to tell you how I tamed this beast, I want the creature for myself. I want to take him back with me."

Hades pondered this and finally consented. He wanted to know how this little man had tricked him. "So be it. He is yours if you tell me."

The little man cleared his throat and looked Hades square in the eye. "Well, you see.. I wasn't always a man. I was reincarnated."

Hades looked puzzled. "And? How does THIS affect MY horse?"

The man chuckled. "Well, you see.. I used to be a filly."

With that the man took the creature and walked through the Gates of Hell, leaving the stammering and sputtering Hades behind him.

Thus, the mystical creature known as the Hades Pony was back to Earth. The man only bred him with the best. The Hades Pony Blood Line was born.
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