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I know I kinda have given up this department - this 'line of work' - and so I hope Im not imposing by posting this... But I found an old base... well, half completed pixel pony base that I had been working on about a year ago, now... sitting on my computer today. I was thinking that I should finish it and then find something crraaazy to do with it. So hmmm... what should I do.. hmmm... well, I was talking this over with myself and then I stumbled across a very quiet and lonesome community... and I thought - maybe it could have something to do with this livejournal... but what? Hmm...

So... I think its... STORY TIME, kids!!

I will give the very first PONY OF HADES to the person who can write up the most interesting, exciting, enthralling, whatever else short story (and post it in this livejournal) about the birth of this new pony - how it came to be. Use your imagination and create a good introduction for our new addition to Interactive Pixels!
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