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POA Slytherin Scarf For Sale

Hey there, I wish I had pictures to show you but I will have a scan later tonight to show you. I am currently almost all the way done a POA style Slytehring scarf (only 4 more reps to go) and I was wanting to sell it as the perosn I was makeing it for decided they wanted the COS style, and in Hufflepuff colors (had to change it compleatly they did they did) So I have an almost done POS Slytherin scarf for sale. Of course I would finish it I just want to know if I will be able to convince you all to buy it... Info.

I am asking $35.00usd (willing to nagotiate)
Must be paid to my paypal account
I will pay to ship it with no frills if you want insurance, or a faster shipping service you have to pay for it.
I will only ship this way in Canada and the USA, anywhere else must pay for shipping.

Thank you for looking, I have made other HP inspired scarfs so this is something like scarf 5 =^__^= if you are SERIOUSLY interested please Email me. phynix @ (without spaces)

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