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Christmas Is comeing

AND I AM CHEAP!!! no seriously! I want to give you all something in return for being such wonderful people so here is the deal. I send cards out to my friends every year just to make there seasion a bit more bright. So I am willing to send cards to all of you. All you have to do is email me your addy ect...

So email me your snail mail addy to phynix @ (remove spaces) and I will send you a card. (fyi I doodle)

So yeah send this to me no LATER then the 1st od dec. This way I can get to you.

Vappy a note for you while I am here: I have your addy if you want a card just say so. As well your pony is on it's way.
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September 22 2004, 23:49:16 UTC 12 years ago

*Cough* I sort of live halfway across the world ... so I think I'll pass. Unless you want to spend a fortune on postage. You live in Canada right, Phy?

I have sent to australlia japan ect. =^_^= So please feel free to send me your addy no mater where you live.


September 23 2004, 17:59:24 UTC 12 years ago

That's very nice of you. I'll send you my snail mail address soon.
holy crap, christmas
I have to know how much I am spending ect... Hell I am done my christmas shopping already. It was such a thrill... So yeah need to know ya know.
I'll ask my Mommy if it's okay. ^^;; If you'd like to see about commisioning Christmas-ponies for people, I'd see what I could do (financially) to help. Just drop me a line on AIM, okay?
not doing ponies like that for christmas only birthday.
Okay. ^___^